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An aerial photo of Cape Town South Africa

The One People International Film Festival supports content creators around the world, regardless of language, origin, orientation, race or religion.

The Festival aims to discover new talent and integrate them into an international circuit. Some of the films presented in South Africa will travel to Paris and then to Los Angeles accompanied by their filmmakers. Each host country will integrate new films into its selection.

An award recognizes a director for his/her career as well as a new director to aid him/her in his/her trajectory. The 2021 edition saw these prizes awarded respectively to the Russian director Andréi Konchalovsky, with the presentation of “Dear Comrades” and to the South African director Richard Wicksteed with the presentation of “Sandance!”

The festival aims to create an intimate and collaborative space for filmmakers and for young people wishing to train in these professions by organizing a slate of events ranging from master classes by film professionals, training courses and development opportunities as well as fostering contacts for international co-productions.